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Six Polish Poets

Six Polish Poets

ed. Jacek Dehnel

Bilingual English / Polish edition

Jacek Dehnel, Agnieszka Kuciak, Anna Piwkowska, Tomasz Różycki, Dariusz Suska, Maciej Woźniak, Ewa Chruściel, Bill Johnston, Karen Kovacik, Antonia Lloyd-Jones, Mira Rosenthal, George Szirtes and Elżbieta Wójcik-Leese with an introduction by Jacek Dehnel

Part of our New Voices From Europe and Beyond series edited by Alexandra Büchler

Six Polish Poets makes available to the English-language reader the poetry of the younger generation of poets who whose first collections (with one exception) have been published in the past decade.

Unlike the poets of the previous generation who, in the period of new-found freedom after the fall of communism, adopted a highly individualistic, anarchic, sometimes brutal style, the poets represented here re-examine and experiment with traditional poetic forms, themes and cultural references in poems that are refined and witty, moving and informed, ranging across every aspect of human existence.

This anthology is both thought-provoking and full of warmth and humanity, and while it cannot claim to be representative of contemporary Polish poetry as a whole, it nevertheless provides an insight into today's literary scene in Poland.

Parallel text: Polish / English

172 pages
ISBN 978 1904614 50 0
Published April 2009

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