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from Europe and beyond, including our Visible Poets, Arc Translations, Arc Classic Translations, New Voices From Europe and Beyond and Anthologies in Translation series. At Arc Publications, we believe that the importance of translated poetry cannot be overestimated. Reading the poetry of other cultures, countries and backgrounds helps us to understand other points of view. It also gives us an insight into other poetic traditions and allows us to hear unfamiliar voices. Translations of poetry must be poetic translations if they are to help their readers gain understanding, insight, and pleasure from new and exciting work, so we are careful to accept only those translations we consider outstanding.

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Mother Tongue: Selected Poems

Rose Ausländer

Mother Tongue: Selected Poems

There were two ways to respond to that unbearable reality, wrote Rose Ausländer thirty years later, remembering the Chernovtsy ghetto under the Nazis. Either one could despair entirely, or one could occupy a different, spiritual reality. And while we waited for death, there were those of us who dwelt in dreamwords — our traumatic home amidst our homelessness. To write was to live.

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