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Inside Voices, Outside Light

Sigurdur Pálsson

Inside Voices, Outside Light

This book presents poems from Pálsson's ten collections written between 1980-2008. Swirling with imagery, they reveal a poet committed to unearthing the joy of living connected to the natural world.

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Gerður Kristný


Bloodhoof is the re-casting into compulsively spare modern verse of an ancient Eddic poem - but this only begins to hint at its attractions. It is a minimalist epic telling of the abduction of Gerdur Gymisdottir from the land of giants to the court of Freyr of the 'wolf-grey eyes', and the subsequent events culminating in the birth of her son and her hopes of being saved by her own kin.

It is full of iron-hard rocks and ice, serpents in the breast gnawing at the harness of hope, but also wide-reaching fields of corn whispering in the breeze and a throne carved with beasts and dragons-heads. You could read the whole book in perhaps half an hour but it will take many months or years to begin to clear the ghosts and long-dead heroes from your mind.

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  • Hardback out of print

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