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Skald - Sword & Sea-Cloud

Ian Crockatt

Skald - Sword & Sea-Cloud

A gold star should go to Ian Crockatt for... his epic SKALD. His use of language is riveting... I would urge you to read this aloud to appreciate the rhythms and impact of Crockatt's chosen words... stunning work.
New Hope International

This is a well-constructed, cohesive, and engaging series of poems which uses the skaldic metres and tropes skillfully and to great effect to create a new Viking saga.
Donna Heddle, ScotLit

  • Paperback £6.00 £5.40 available

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The Song Weigher

Egill Skallagrímsson

The Song Weigher

Egill Skallagrímsson was the most original, imaginative and technically brilliant of the Old Norse skalds, poets whose orally composed and performed verses were as much revered in ninth- to thirteenth-century Scandinavia as heroism in battle.

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