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What is a Friend?

Friends of Arc Publications are people committed to Arc's mission to publish the best contemporary poetry from the UK and abroad, in English and in translation. They help share news about Arc poets and publications among their peer groups, and pay a small subscription fee. In return, they receive the following benefits:

  • 4 books a year, chosen from a wide selection made by the Arc team and sent directly to each Friend, pre-publication, and at no extra cost
  • Further discounts off various other titles purchased via our website
  • A personalised membership card
  • Free entry to Arc events
  • A Christmas gift
  • An optional subscription to the Friends of Arc Publications Bulletin, an email newsletter giving a more intimate, realtime insight into the goings-on at Arc HQ

How does it work?

You can subscribe at one of the following rates:

  • For paperbacks, £10 per quarter, or £36 if paid annually
  • For hardbacks, £12 per quarter, or £44 if paid annually
  • For paperbacks for overseas Friends, £14 per quarter, or £52 if paid annually

Every 3 months, you will receive an email with a choice of upcoming paperback or hardback titles, from which you can choose one, which will be delivered to your address. The selection you are offered will be made by the Arc team, based on the retail cost of each book. Most of our titles will be included – only those that are particularly expensive won't be, but you will also be able to purchase some of these with a special discount via our website.

How are payments managed?

We have partnered with Gumroad, a respected and secure payments provider based in the U.S., who make it feasible for us to be able to run a subscription scheme with our small team, by taking on all the work of managing repeat card payments and customer data. You can find more information about buying from Gumroad here. Because they are based in the U.S., you will be charged in $ U.S. Dollars – your bank or card issuer may therefore charge a small extra conversion fee. If you are worried about this, we recommend you choose to pay annually, to minimize the number of times you pay this fee.

Any questions? Please get in touch at

How is an Overseas Friend different?

There is only one difference between a UK Friend and an Overseas Friend:

  • The subscription fee for an Overseas Friend is slightly higher – this covers the shipping cost, to anywhere in the world.

You will receive all the other benefits, including exclusive discounts to some of our other titles, on top of the 4 books per year included in your subscription.

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