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— Víctor Rodríguez Núñez

New titles

Kraków Testimonies
Kraków Testimonies, Piotr Florczyk
North Sea Poems
North Sea Poems, Heinrich Heine
Thirty Poems in Thirty Days
Thirty Poems in Thirty Days, Amanda Dalton
Invisible, Jacek Gutorow
After Dante: Poets in Purgatory
After Dante: Poets in Purgatory, ed. Nick Havely
Solar Eclipse 1914
Solar Eclipse 1914, Arseny Tarkovsky
The Night We Were Dylan Thomas
The Night We Were Dylan Thomas, Mara Bergman
Travellers, Michelene Wandor
The Marks on the Map
The Marks on the Map, Brian Johnstone
Trust, Anna T Szabó
In my Garden of Mutants
In my Garden of Mutants, Volha Hapeyeva
Eye of the Times
Eye of the Times, Paul Celan
Gravity for Beginners
Gravity for Beginners, Kevin Crossley-Holland
Hope is Lonely
Hope is Lonely, Kim Seung-Hee
Diary of a Divorce
Diary of a Divorce, S. D. Curtis
Twenty Poems
Twenty Poems, Kathrin Schmidt
Europe in Poems
Europe in Poems, ed. Patrick McGuinness
On the Nature of the Universe Bk1
On the Nature of the Universe Bk1, Lucretius
The Years
The Years, Jamie McKendrick
Reykjavik Requiem
Reykjavik Requiem, Gerður Kristný

Forthcoming titles

Places You Leave
Places You Leave, James Byrne
Five Scenes from a Failed Revolution
Five Scenes from a Failed Revolution, Ashur Etwebi
Temporary Archives
Temporary Archives, ed. Juana Adcock