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– Víctor Rodríguez Núñez

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Tony Curtis
Tony Curtis


Arc poets at the inaugural Todmorden Book Festival

Later this month, our home town of Todmorden will be hosting its first ever international book festival, and we are delighted that it will include 2 events featuring Arc poets - details below: [...read]

New titles

King of a Rainy Country
King of a Rainy Country, Matthew Sweeney
Samson Agonistes
Samson Agonistes, John Kinsella
Orbita: The Project
Orbita: The Project, Orbita
As Slow As Possible
As Slow As Possible, Kit Fan
The Lonely Funeral
The Lonely Funeral, ed. F. Starik
The True Height of the Ear
The True Height of the Ear, Iain Galbraith
The Illegal Age
The Illegal Age, Ellen Hinsey
The Disappearing Room
The Disappearing Room, Mara Bergman
Butterfly Valley
Butterfly Valley, Sherko Bekas
Lives of the Dead: Collected Poems
Lives of the Dead: Collected Poems, Hanoch Levin
The Wound
The Wound, John Kinsella
Drapa, Gerður Kristný

Forthcoming titles

Crash & Burn
Crash & Burn, Michael O'Neill
The Iron Flute
The Iron Flute, ed. Kevin Maynard
The Unknown Neruda
The Unknown Neruda, Pablo Neruda
To the Outermost Stars
To the Outermost Stars, Stein Mehren
Poetry of the Holocaust
Poetry of the Holocaust, ed. Jean Boase-Beier