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New collections by John Kinsella and Gerður Kristný

Just published: new titles by John Kinsella and Gerður Kristný []

New titles

Hope is Lonely
Hope is Lonely, Kim Seung-Hee
Twenty Poems
Twenty Poems, Kathrin Schmidt
Europe in Poems
Europe in Poems, ed. Patrick McGuinness
Diary of a Divorce
Diary of a Divorce, S. D. Curtis
On the Nature of the Universe Bk1
On the Nature of the Universe Bk1, Lucretius
The Years
The Years, Jamie McKendrick
Reykjavik Requiem
Reykjavik Requiem, Gerður Kristný
Brimstone: A Book of Villanelles
Brimstone: A Book of Villanelles, John Kinsella
The Atlas of Lost Beliefs
The Atlas of Lost Beliefs, Ranjit Hoskote
Fate's Little Pictures
Fate's Little Pictures, Larissa Miller
Beautiful Things
Beautiful Things, Menno Wigman
Skald - Sword & Sea-Cloud
Skald - Sword & Sea-Cloud, Ian Crockatt
Bigger than the Facts
Bigger than the Facts, Jan Baeke
Eternal Traffic
Eternal Traffic, Mila Haugová
Sometimes a Single Leaf
Sometimes a Single Leaf, Esther Dischereit

Forthcoming titles

Travellers, Michelene Wandor