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– Víctor Rodríguez Núñez

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Lakshmi Holmstrom

We were deeply saddened to hear of the death of Lakshmi Holmström at the weekend. Although we knew of Lakshmi's reputation as a leading translator of the Tamil language, we did not get to know her personally until we commissioned a translation of [...read]

New titles

Fifty-six, George Szirtes and Carol Watts
Lunarium, Josep Lluís Aguiló
A Certain Koslowski: The Director's Cut
A Certain Koslowski: The Director's Cut, Michael Augustin
Reading the Flowers
Reading the Flowers, Linda France
Until the Lions
Until the Lions, Karthika Naïr
Paradise Empty: Poems 1983 – 2013
Paradise Empty: Poems 1983 – 2013, Hugo Mujica
Lost Evenings, Lost Lives
Lost Evenings, Lost Lives, ed. Lakshmi Holmström
Approximately in the Key of C
Approximately in the Key of C, Tony Curtis
Barefoot Souls
Barefoot Souls, Maram al-Masri
Half-Light & Other Poems
Half-Light & Other Poems, Yevgeny Baratynsky

Forthcoming titles

Requiem, Razmik Davoyan
Subterranea, Jos Smith
Xenia, Eugenio Montale
Window-cleaner Sees Paintings
Window-cleaner Sees Paintings, Menno Wigman
Acres of Light
Acres of Light, Katherine Gallagher
The Parrot, the Horse and the Man
The Parrot, the Horse and the Man, Amarjit Chandan