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Jos Smith
Jos Smith


Jos Smith on Radio 4's The Echo Chamber

Earlier this month, Jos Smith appeared on The Echo Chamber, a BBC Radio 4 programme hosted by Paul Farley "showcasing the best of the latest poetry", to talk about "new and old poetry of oil spills fifty years after the Torrey Canyon", and to read his own response to that disaster. [...read]

New titles

Requiem, Razmik Davoyan
Selected Poems
Selected Poems, Georges Rodenbach
Twist, Pippa Little
The Arrow-Maker
The Arrow-Maker, D. M. Black
Six Georgian Poets
Six Georgian Poets, ed. Gaga Lomidze
No Bartok Before Breakfast: A Musician's Memoir
No Bartok Before Breakfast: A Musician's Memoir, John Manduell
Acres of Light
Acres of Light, Katherine Gallagher
Window-cleaner Sees Paintings
Window-cleaner Sees Paintings, Menno Wigman
Xenia, Eugenio Montale
The Herring Lass
The Herring Lass, Michelle Cahill
Six Galician Poets
Six Galician Poets, ed. Manuela Palacios
Pages from the Biography of an Exile
Pages from the Biography of an Exile, Adnan al-Sayegh

Forthcoming titles

The Parrot, the Horse and the Man
The Parrot, the Horse and the Man, Amarjit Chandan
Surrealist, Lover, Resistant
Surrealist, Lover, Resistant, Robert Desnos
The Voice of Water
The Voice of Water, Cevat Çapan
The Nameless Places
The Nameless Places, Richard Lambert
The Song Weigher
The Song Weigher, Egill Skallagrímsson