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The Day's Ration: Selected Poems
The Day's Ration: Selected Poems, Gilles Ortlieb
The Cerulean Bird
The Cerulean Bird, Matilda Olkinaite
Graphologies, John Kinsella
Columns, Nikolai Zabolotsky
Arboretum for the Hunted
Arboretum for the Hunted, Fred d'Aguiar
Caldebroc, Antony Rowland
Tristia, Osip Mandelstam
Nightwalker's Song
Nightwalker's Song, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Travellers of the North
Travellers of the North, Fiona Smith
Temporary Archives
Temporary Archives, ed. Adcock and Pujol Duran
House Arrest
House Arrest, Hasan Alizadeh
Time Begins to Hurt
Time Begins to Hurt, Pippa Little
No Cherry Time
No Cherry Time, Jennie Feldman
The Bestiary or Orpheus' Retinue
The Bestiary or Orpheus' Retinue, Guillaume Apollinaire
Evening Hour
Evening Hour, Karl Marx
Harald in Byzantium
Harald in Byzantium, Kevin Crossley-Holland
Your Nearness
Your Nearness, Forrest Gander
Places You Leave
Places You Leave, James Byrne
Five Scenes from a Failed Revolution
Five Scenes from a Failed Revolution, Ashur Etwebi
North Sea Poems
North Sea Poems, Heinrich Heine

Forthcoming titles

Czernovitz - Charmovitz
Czernovitz - Charmovitz, Aneta Kaminska
Ergo, Michelene Wandor
Dreaming of an Ancient Country: Passages from Virgil's Georgics
Dreaming of an Ancient Country: Passages from Virgil's Georgics, Virgil
Vanishing Points
Vanishing Points, Lucija Stupica
Can the Dandelions be Trusted?
Can the Dandelions be Trusted?, Katherine Gallagher
My Country's Hair Turned White
My Country's Hair Turned White, Dilawar Karadaghi